Who Set These Dating Rules! Guys, you have taken girls out, haven’t you? Why is it the boy’s role to pay for stuff especially spent by the chic? Why is it the man’s role those stuff?(especially in Africa) Basically I have no problem with sitting on the bills, the only problem is how girls behave on the guys accounts! Take a girl out for instance(take that she’s in Nairobi, Kenya), to her this would be the best time to try out that new Chinese restaurant in town or that Tuna dish, Sushi dish not putting in mind the sh2500 on the right side of the menu! And the worst of all is that after playing around with the food worth a fortune, she will timidly say “Imagine this Sushi dish doesn’t taste nice.” Then the plate will be left perfectly intact! Take a common chic out for a drink, this to her is the time to test all the drinks and mix ups/cocktails she ever saw on T.V, ranging from Margaritas to vodka doubles, whisky doubles you name them. You will here her saying, ” me the grey drink with a small umbrella and a lemon on it wine or what?”- It’s a margarita for Christ’s sake. Any way, cant you just order at least something you are conversant with, like pilau, chicken or even pizza or worse still salad! Girls around me think that I’m actually a chics hater but its not the case, I’m a great guy, probably Mr. right, Any way, if at all girls lobby for equality, it has to apply every where, cos it comes as a package, take the whole of it. A GUY WOULD LOVE A WOMAN BETTER IF SHE JUST OFFERED TO PAY THOUGH WE WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN, this notion that women out to be treated like fragile poodles during courtship ought to be booted to orbit, cos since girls demanded equality, then we are all equally fragile! It takes two to tango, so if a man gave you a good time, pick up the phone the next day and say so. It won’t make you seem cheap and the man will certainly feel appreciated. Anyway, us saying this means that we would prefer the independent type cos we know that they qualify as good ‘wife materials’, if they are willing to stand the financial pressure, they will be around during any kind of pressure. I hope you enjoyed.

By Laura