Your Guide to Pickled Ginger

Your Guide to Pickled Ginger Pickled ginger is the essential condiment to be eaten with Sushi. It is typically provided with the dish in Sushi restaurants. However, it is very simple to make at home. Pickled ginger is typically used to complement the taste of Sushi and to impart its flavor. The condiment itself is produced from freshly picked ginger of extreme tenderness, known as Shin Shoga. For your information, Ginger is known as Gari in Japanese and anything that is picked is referred to as tsukemono. Pickled ginger is best eaten in between helpings of Sushi. It is known to aid in erasing the flavors of Sushi and its mild taste cleanses the palate ready for the next serving. Here is a recipe for homemade pickled ginger: Remove the peel and cut the fresh ginger into thin slices. The amount of ginger is unimportant, however, two 2 inch pieces are recommended. Ginger should be cut vertically to create slices akin to those seen in Sushi bars. Measure half a teaspoon of salt and sprinkle it onto the ginger slices and put these pieces into a saucepan. Leave to sit for an hour before drying the pieces with a paper towel. Remember to drain off any water that has resulted from the action of salt on water. Take eight ounces of vinegar and add approximately one quarter of a cup of sugar to it. Boil this mixture. Depending upon the required taste, more sugar can be added if you feel that this is necessary. One quarter of a cup of sugar should prove adequate if you want your ginger to taste a little bitter. Add the ginger slices to this mixture and then allow the whole preparation to cool. The color of the pickle will have turned pink over time and this is a good indication that the ginger has pickled.