Your Wildest Dream Came True – Now You Can Have Wine on Tap

Your wildest dream came true; now you can have wine on tap. It’s eco-friendly, accessible, affordable, and trendy!

Despite these benefits, draft wine has yet to become as popular as it should be. This is because there is still a strong market preference for the traditional wine-by-the-glass experience.

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It’s Easy

You probably had your wildest dream come true when you heard your bar could have wine on tap. The fact that your customers can order various wines without committing to a whole bottle at a time is prevalent.

Another reason that people love having wine on tap because it keeps the wines fresh. This is important because many patrons can tell when the wine is terrible.

Plus, it saves a lot of money in the long run by eliminating all the waste associated with bottles. This includes the corks, foil, and paper labels, which that are often thrown away.

Whether you’re a casual pub or a high-end restaurant, offering wine on tap is a great way to increase your business. In addition to the sustainability benefits, you’ll also be able to offer guests a wide range of premium wines at a much lower cost than bottled wine.

It’s Affordable

Whether you’re a new restaurant looking to incorporate wine on tap or have been serving bottled wine for years, you can expect a significant ROI after installing a keg system. With costs ranging from $3 to $8 per glass for reds and whites, wine on tap can be an economical way to offer premium wines by the glass or carafe at your restaurant.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a complete keg system, you can still convert an existing beer tap to serve wine by the glass. But if you want to offer more than three wines, a complete keg system is your best option for maximizing the profit potential of your wine tap.

The benefits of wine on tap are endless: it’s a more eco-friendly option, offers better quality, and provides a faster, smoother service experience for your guests. And it’s a trend that will continue to gain popularity. Ultimately, it’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

It’s Trendy

Wine on tap is the latest trend in the world of bottled wines. Often referred to as “draft” or “kegged” wine, it is gaining popularity among restaurant operators and wine drinkers.

Aside from being trendy, it is also environmentally friendly and a great way to reduce your bar or restaurant’s carbon footprint. Unlike wine bottles, which are filled with various ingredients and require storage, wine kegs use stainless steel to store wine and are easily recycled and reused.

This allows for less oxidation and better quality beverages, which results in more delicious tasting wines. This makes wine on tap the ultimate solution for many bars and restaurants.

It also builds community, one ounce at a time. For example, many multi-family developments install table taps in their lobbies to provide residents with fresh, quality beverages during operating hours. This offers a unique amenity that entices new residents to move in and gets existing residents even more excited about living there!